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Setting up an Element TV

Setting up an Element Smart TV

How to Scan for Antenna Channels on Your TV

Connecting a Sound Bar to an Element TV

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Q: How do I scan for channels?

A: Press the MENU button to display the main interface. Use the ARROWS to highlight TV Settings. Continue to use the ARROW buttons to cycle among the different options. Select Auto Scan once it is highlighted. Depending on the TV signal, the scanning process can take up to 10 minutes.

Q: I want to pair my universal remote to my Element TV. What are some common remote codes to try?

A: First, follow the remote setup steps provided by your universal remote supplier. Then, try starting with the most common code: 11687
If that code doesn’t work, here are a few others to try: 121831186412964, and 13559
If there is another code listed for Element in your universal remote control guide, please try that code as well. Still having trouble connecting your universal remote? Please reach out to our Customer Support team via the chat button in the righthand corner of your screen.

Warranty Program

Element provides a standard one-year parts/labor/replacement warranty from your original date of purchase, plus the opportunity to purchase extended warranty coverage. If you have questions about your warranty or a claim, you can connect with our customer support team by phone, live chat or email. Check out our current warranties below:

42 inches and above

40 inches and below


Sound Bars

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