Frequently Asked Questions.

Most issues encountered with the set up of a new television or sound bar can be addressed by reviewing your Owners Manual or by reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) noted below. If these resources do not resolve your inquiries, we welcome your call our Customer Support line at +1 (888) 338-5666.

Q: My television won't power on. What could be wrong?
Q: When I turn off my television, there is a white flash on the screen. Is this normal?
Q: I only see a blue screen when I turn on the TV.
Q: I'm trying to set up my cable/satellite/universal remote to work with your television. What is the manufacturer's code for my Element TV?
Q: How do I get to the TV channels I want?
Q: I have everything connected, but there is no picture or sound?
Q: I have sound with no picture.
Q: I have picture with no sound.
Q: I can't control my television with my current remote control.
Q: My picture is not filling the screen. I have black bars around my picture.
Q: Why am I getting a black square in the center of my television screen?
Q: On some channels I am getting another language or sometimes no sound at all.
Q: I lost my Manual, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Remote Control Guide, or other material. Where can I find another one?
Q: I opened the box and an accessory was missing. What do I do?
Q: I currently receive digital cable from my cable company. Isn't that HDTV?
Q: Do I need additional equipment to watch HDTV broadcasts on my HDTV TV?
Q: What if I currently subscribe to a digital satellite service provider?
Q: What do interlace (1080i) and progressive (720p) mean?
Q: Are LCD TVs subject to screen burn-in?
Q: What is the difference between an HDMI cable and a DVI cable?
Q: Can I use RCA cables for the component video connections??
Q: Why am I only receiving my local stations when I have cable?
Q: I am experiencing poor picture quality or static. What could this be?
Q: My remote control is not working or only works when I am close to the TV.
Q: I have connected an external AV source to my television and I get no picture and/or sound.
Q: What if I don't use satellite and my local cable company doesn't offer HDTV programming?